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Imagining New Ways to Create
We aim to change the world of post-production by revolutionizing the way you interact with the tools you use to create. We are a small team with a passion for reimagining traditional tools and workflows for modern platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android, while at the same time improving, extending and streamlining functionality in new ways. We believe in turning design challenges into opportunities for innovation. Founded in 2018, we are headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, but our team is global, with members all around the world.
Empowering Creators
We care deeply about making powerful, professional quality content production tools accessible to everyone. Our goal is to streamline simplicity, portability, and cost to remove boundaries and empower everyone with talent to become a professional creator. Whether you are an animator, a videographer, a journalist, an artist, a producer, an Instagrammer, a YouTuber, or a motion designer, we believe that the only limit should be your imagination, not the size of your computer — or your pocketbook. Whether you need portability, simplicity, or affordability, we’re here to revolutionize the way you create content.
Meet Our Team